Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank You!!

Hey folks,

Wow! We'd just like to thank all of you for the overwhelming response to AppMarks. You've made one of the top sites on both and . And now that we've added Sign In, we're thrilled by the growing number of users signing up and using AppMarks as their iPhone start page.

We've also been getting great press coverage in the L.A. Times , San Jose Mercury News, CNET's Webware , and .

We know we're far from done though, so please keep those emails coming and help us continue making AppMarks better! In the meantime, we've pushed out a few more updates today. Give them a spin and let us know what you think:

  • Improved Synchronization: If you've made changes to your AppMarks desktop on your home computer, just hit Safari's "refresh" button on your iPhone to import the changes.
  • Icon Examples: We've added example layered TIFF and Photoshop files to help web application developers design their own graphic icons for AppMarks. They're posted on our developer page.
  • Email Confirmation: You'll get an email confirmation when you sign up for an AppMarks account.
  • Lost Password: The Sign In dialog now has a link to email you your password if you've forgotten it.
  • Default Icons: The default icon list for first time users now includes BeeJive and Digg.

Thanks again and please keep sending us feedback!



LwB said...

when editing buttons via iPhone, the magnifying glass does >not< appear to permit moving the cursor - major pain (have to click "Done" then move cursor then start editing again) and violates interface.

direct edit of button names/addresses (instead of delete+recreate);
move/rearrange buttons (drag & drop);
buttons use the browser "mini icons" (fav-icons?) if no special AppMark icon exists (instead of a "?" like with Excite)

David said...

Silly question. Your web page says "After you have customized AppMarks, make it your start page so it is easy to use your appmarks." For the life of me, I can't figure out how to set a home or start page in Safari on the iPhone.

AppMarks said...

Hi Lwb,

We've fixed the magnifying glass issue. Please let us know if it's still not working for you. (You might have to hit refresh in Safari to get the fix.) Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Regarding your other suggestions:

(1) Direct edit of button/names and addresses: This is popular request and this feature is coming very soon.

(2) Move/rearrange (drag&drop): Unfortunately, iPhone's Safari doesn't support drag and drop (at least not in the usual way). We continue to investigate workarounds. In the meantime you CAN drag&drop icons on the AppMarks desktop if you use your home computer with Firefox or Safari. If you've signed up for an account you can then synchronize the AppMarks desktop between your home computer and iPhone. Please email us at info [at] appmarks [dot] com if you need more help with this.

(3) Buttons use the browser favicons if none exists: This should be AppMarks is already doing. For example, if you enter as an icon, AppMarks will use the Craigslist favicon as the icon on your desktop. If you know a website where this doesn't happen please let us know. We'd like to fix it!

Thanks again and feel free to contact us by email at info [at] appmarks [dot] com if you have additional issues. Keep the feedback coming!

The AppMarks Team

AppMarks said...

Hi David,

It's not a silly question! In fact, we've had a lot of emails asking the same thing.

Unfortunately, we don't know either. There doesn't seem to be a way to make a home page your "start page" on the iPhone. The only alternative is to make AppMarks your top bookmark or leave it as the last open window in Safari.

The AppMarks Team