Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reduced bandwidth and faster loading

Hey AppMarks Fans,

We're pleased to announce our latest enhancement:

  • Faster Loading: We've managed to reduced the download size of AppMarks by over 50%! Plus, we made some changes that should improve the loading time. This should really help those of you loading AppMarks over the EDGE network on your iPhone.

We've got more in the pipeline so keep those emails coming to info [at] appmarks [dot] com!



ShivaTheDestroyer said...

Not sure what happened, but now AppMarks complains about needing JavaScript on my iPhone. Wasn't having any problems before, and according to the settings, JavaScript is turned on.


Allen said...

this is a very useful site. Thanks for your efforts! Where is a list of what all can be added?

AppMarks said...

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the compliments. Right now there isn't a list but we're investigating adding that feature.

-AppMarks Team

AppMarks said...

Hi Andy,

Sorry you're having problems. Please email us at info [at] appmarks [dot] com and we'll work with you to resolve the issue.

-AppMarks Team

Michael said...

I would like to get in contact with you guys, but I don't see an email address anywhere. Could you email me? MJohnston at MacObserver dot com


AppMarks said...

Hi Michael,

We've sent you an email at the address you specified. Our email address is info [at] appmarks [dot] com.

-AppMarks Team

Robert said...

I don't see any updates since July 18, 2007. Any new news?


AppMarks said...

Hi Robert,

Just had a slow down on updates but we're still here.

-AppMarks Team