Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reduced bandwidth and faster loading

Hey AppMarks Fans,

We're pleased to announce our latest enhancement:

  • Faster Loading: We've managed to reduced the download size of AppMarks by over 50%! Plus, we made some changes that should improve the loading time. This should really help those of you loading AppMarks over the EDGE network on your iPhone.

We've got more in the pipeline so keep those emails coming to info [at] appmarks [dot] com!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Edit Icons

Hey AppMarks Users,

We have added some new features and made some fixes based on your invaluable feedback.

  • Edit Icons: Now when you click an icon in an edit mode, you can edit the name, URL, or icon image. We've got a small catalog of alternate icon images now but we're planning to add more.
  • Magnifying Glass: An astute user alerted us that they couldn't use the iPhone's magnifying glass interface to move the cursor within our text boxes. This has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!
  • Tell A Friend: Like AppMarks? We've added a tell a friend button to help you spread the word. :)

Give it a try and let us know what you think at info [at] appmarks [dot] com.

There's more on the way. Thanks for helping us make AppMarks better!

Ishan and Paul

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank You!!

Hey folks,

Wow! We'd just like to thank all of you for the overwhelming response to AppMarks. You've made one of the top sites on both and . And now that we've added Sign In, we're thrilled by the growing number of users signing up and using AppMarks as their iPhone start page.

We've also been getting great press coverage in the L.A. Times , San Jose Mercury News, CNET's Webware , and .

We know we're far from done though, so please keep those emails coming and help us continue making AppMarks better! In the meantime, we've pushed out a few more updates today. Give them a spin and let us know what you think:

  • Improved Synchronization: If you've made changes to your AppMarks desktop on your home computer, just hit Safari's "refresh" button on your iPhone to import the changes.
  • Icon Examples: We've added example layered TIFF and Photoshop files to help web application developers design their own graphic icons for AppMarks. They're posted on our developer page.
  • Email Confirmation: You'll get an email confirmation when you sign up for an AppMarks account.
  • Lost Password: The Sign In dialog now has a link to email you your password if you've forgotten it.
  • Default Icons: The default icon list for first time users now includes BeeJive and Digg.

Thanks again and please keep sending us feedback!


Monday, July 9, 2007

Sign In/Sign Out and More!

Hey folks,

It's been a crazy week since we launched and we've been busy responding to your emails and fixing bugs. Here are some of the latest changes:

  • Sign In/Sign Out: Sign up for an account to synchronize your AppMarks desktop between your iPhone and home computer. We know you've been waiting a long time for this, so thanks for your patience. Be sure to sign out on one system before signing into the other.
  • Liquid Layout: The AppMarks desktop is now properly scaled when viewed on the iPhone, in either portrait or landscape orientation. Rotate the iPhone and check it out.
  • Hiding URL Bar: We autohide the iPhone's URL toolbar to add room for more icons. You can easily scroll the desktop "up" to get the URL toolbar back.

Thanks to Joe Hewitt and the iPhoneDevCamp folks for their feedback and help.

Keep those emails coming!