Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey AppMarks users,

We've begun experimenting with advertising on AppMarks and you'll notice some changes as we try various Ad providers. As always, we'd love your feedback on the change so keep those emails coming to info [at] appmarks [dot] com.

AppMarks Team

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Hey folks,

Here's the skinny on the latest happenings at AppMarks:

  • Application Database: No more typing URLs! We've adding a database of iPhone applications to make it easier to find and add applications to your AppMarks desktop. Just tap the "+" button and click "Browse..." to begin browsing our list. You can still add an icon the old way by tapping "+" and then "Enter URL...".

  • Backgrounds: There's also a new menu item "Background..." for setting the background on your AppMarks desktop. We've selected a few images to whet your appetite, but we'll be adding more soon along with the ability to specify your own custom background image. Try it, it's amazingly fun!

  • Editing Icons: A lot of you wrote to us asking to use your own icon images and now you can! When you edit an icon, you can now specify the URL of any image as the icon for your desktop.

  • Deleting Icons: A number of folks pointed out it's cumbersome to delete an icon because the "Do you want to delete this icon?" dialog is at the top of the page. We've changed the user-interaction, so that the screen automatically moves to the top of the page when you click "Delete" in the Edit Icon page.

  • Twitter: You can now follow AppMarks on twitter at

  • Donate: We want to make AppMarks the best iPhone desktop possible. That's gonna take a lot of soda and hotpockets. Help fund the cause via paypal.

With the ability to change icons and backgrounds, we've opened up a new avenue for personalization on your iPhone. Let us know how else you'd like to make your AppMarks desktop your own.

And as always, keep that feedback coming to our email address: info [at]

-The AppMarks Team