Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 29

I had to run an errand downtown Friday afternoon, so I stopped by the Apple Store and wow, the line was huge...500 people or so I would guess. Here is me by the line on Geary one block away from the store:

Since I didn't want to wait in line outside all day, I didn't think there was any way I was gonna get an iPhone for a while. Then at 9 PM Ishan calls me and tells me the Apple Store is open until midnight, there is no line, and they still have them in stock! So, I pick him up and we head down there. It took us a while to get our turn to play with it and wow, it is really beautiful and responsive. And they still were selling them but said they might run out at any moment...yeah, right....but we took the bait and went to the checkout line and each had one in the pretty iPhone bag five minutes later.


Friday, June 29, 2007

AppMarks Is Launched

Finally, AppMarks is launched!  AppMarks is a web desktop for the iPhone.  It lets you organize your favorite web apps and sites as attractive icons laid out just like the home screen on the iPhone.  Try it here

We thought it would be up days ago, of course.  But June 29 kept getting closer and closer...and it became clear our schedule was wishful thinking.

Normally, at 6 AM I am sleeping the final couple hours of a good night's rest.  But on June 29, I saw San Francisco dawn from my Alamo Square condo view and it was very nice.  As the light slowly faded in, it revealed a light, grey low-lying fog wrapping the modern tall buildings to the east.   Foghorns were groaning every thirty seconds like an alarm clock for elephants.  And the dark quiet transformed slowly into pulses of car engines approaching and passing, as the citizens sought Golden Gate street, the corridor to another day of work.

OK, I think I need more coffee...